Monday, March 9, 2009

Fiction Family

I've always been a Nickel Creek fan and continue to look forward to the interesting musical choices made by (my favorite Mandolinist) Chris Thile and the talented sister/brother pair of Sara and Sean Watkins as they spread their musical wings, so to speak. The 32-year old Sean Watkins has released 3 solo albums (Sara plays violin and sings on the last two) and has done interesting projects both with Toad and the Wet Sprocket singer Glen Philips and his current project with Switchfoot member Jon Foreman. Originally called The Real SeanJon, the pair sensibly changed their name to the Fleet Foxes like Fiction Family and just released a self-titled album in January full of folk-pop flair.

FRR Song Picks:
War in My Blood

NPR Interview with David Dye
Wikipedia Article on Sean Watkins

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